active shooter response training for law enforcement

Tactical Entry / Active Shooter Response Training for Officer Survival

This foundational program consists of close-quarters combat training, tactical thinking, and teamwork drills. It’s designed for all street-level officers but has been presented to numerous tactical/SWAT teams as well. This flexible system of room clearing techniques is taught to small groups, down to a two-person team. We teach proven tactics that can be used by any number of personnel in any type of structure, the reality of what officers face. Elements of dynamic entry, stealth search, and active shooter scenarios are addressed in this program. Students will be put “on the same page” for their approach, and concepts to clearing any type of structure. Officers will gain confidence not only in their abilities but those of their co-workers. This USDSA course includes a discussion on ethics, professionalism, proper use of force, and duty to intervene.

active shooter response training
tactical entry training