Citizen Awareness Program

We inform the general public about the problems that Law Enforcement face and about the support that officers need from their communities. Through our communications activities, we encourage individuals, as well as community and municipal groups, to assist local law enforcement departments in crime prevention activities, collaboration between community groups, and engaging in citizen volunteer opportunities.

USDSA sends out thank you cards we receive from patriotic citizens to law enforcement agencies across the United States of America. These cards fulfill USDSA's mission to encourage the general public to support and honor our law enforcement and give our citizens the opportunity of recognizing our law enforcement officers and the sacrifices they and their families make for our communities.

These cards tell officers that the majority of citizens are still behind them and that they still have the support and appreciation of the community.

Any citizen who wishes to make a tribute to a fallen law enforcement officer or to reach out with positive thoughts or well wishes to the loved ones of a fallen officer can do so by posting on our Facebook page.