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National Citizen Survey: America's Law Enforcement Crisis

National Citizen Survey on America’s Law Enforcement Crisis

The United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association is always working to improve the education of the public as it comes to the plight and problems that law enforcement faces in today’s world. USDSA sent out this survey to help citizens understand the difficult times that law enforcement is facing and to gain feedback as to how much support law enforcement has from the community.

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National Opinion Survey: The War on America's Police

National Opinion Survey of 10,000,000 Americans Concerning the War on America’s Police

The United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association is always interested in receiving feedback and learning the individual opinions of the citizens of America. USDSA sent a survey concerning law enforcement in today’s world to citizens across the United States of America. Ten million surveys were sent, and this are the results that we received. These results were also sent to the governor of each state so that each state’s government could know the true feelings of their residents.

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