Equipment Donations from USDSA to Underfunded Departments

USDSA's services are many and varied. We award equipment, free of charge, to under-funded departments.
Equipment Donation: Combat Sports International

Combat Sports International

The USDSA is working directly with Combat Sports International with the donation of training pads to agencies for their continued defensive tactics and use-of-force training programs.

Equipment Donation: Z-Medica


The USDSA is working directly with Z-Medica to donate their belt trauma kits to law enforcement officers. These belt packs have rubber gloves, CPR mask, Swat-T tourniquet, and QuickClot Combat Gauze for emergency on hand first aid needs for themselves or another until EMS can arrive.

Equipment Donation: CMI Intoxilyzer

CMI Intoxilyzer

The USDSA is working directly with CMI-Intoxilyzer to donate their Preliminary Breath Tester's (PBTs) to help law enforcement combat drunk driving and for use with underage drinking campaigns.

Equipment Donation: Richland Police Department Texas

Richland Police Department, Texas

The USDSA awarded the Richland Police Department with Emergency Belt Trauma Kits, Traffic Safety Vests, Tactical Flashlights, and a Vehicle First Aid Kit. Pictured is Chief Tracy Robinson with the donated safety items.

Equipment Donation: Rockbridge Regional Jail Virginia

Rockbridge Regional Jail, Virginia

The USDSA awarded the Rockbridge Regional Jail with Gas Masks and a Preliminary Breath Tester (PBT) for the their facility.

Equipment Donation: Kingman Police Department Kansas

Kingman Police Department, Kansas

The USDSA awarded the Kingman Police Department with Training Pads & Equipment for continued defensive tactics training. This equipment was utilized when they hosted our Instinctive Hand-to-Hand Combat Course involving numerous city, county, and state agencies from Kansas.

Equipment Donation: Jackson County Sheriff's Office Kentucky

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Kentucky

The USDSA awarded the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office with Ballistic Vests and Preliminary Breath Testers (PBT’s) to combat drunk driving and underage drinking.

Equipment Donation: Springfield Police Department South Carolina

Springfield Police Department, South Carolina

The USDSA awarded the Springfield Police Department with Ballistic Body Armor, Traffic Safety Vests, and Tactical Flashlights for their agency.

Equipment Donation: Williamston Police Department South Carolina

Williamston Police Department, South Carolina

The USDSA awarded the Williamston Police Department with Emergency Belt Trauma Kits for all of their officers.

Equipment Donation: Custer County Sheriff's Office Idaho

Custer County Sheriff’s Office, Idaho

The USDSA awarded the Custer County Sheriff’s Office with Ballistic Body Armor for their deputies.