Equipment Donations from USDSA to Underfunded Departments

USDSA's services are many and varied. We award equipment, free of charge, to under-funded departments.
Equipment Donation: Scott County Sheriff's Office Indiana

Scott County Sheriff's Office, Indiana

The USDSA awarded the Scott County Sheriff's Office with Ballistic Helmets.

Equipment Donation: Carter County Sheriff's Office Kentucky

Carter County Sheriff's Office, Kentucky

The USDSA awarded the Carter County Sheriff's Office with FLIR Scout TKs.

Equipment Donation: Bryan County Sheriff's Office Georgia

Bryan County Sheriff's Office, Georgia

The USDSA awarded the Bryan County Sheriff's Office with Preliminary Breath Testers for combating drunk driving and underage drinking.

Equipment Donation: Cimarron County Sheriff's Office Oklahoma

Cimarron County Sheriff's Office, Oklahoma

The USDSA awarded the Cimarron County Sheriff's Office with a Ballistic Shield and a Preliminary Breath Tester for combating drunk driving and underage drinking.

Equipment Donation: Pearson Police Department Georgia

Pearson Police Department, Georgia

The USDSA awarded the Pearson Police Department with Spike Strips, a Drug Test Kit Bundle, and Preliminary Breath Testers for combating drunk driving and underage drinking.

Equipment Donation: Mifflin Borough Police Department Pennsylvania

Mifflin Borough Police Department, Pennsylvania

The USDSA awarded the Mifflin Borough Police Department with a Stinger Rechargeable Flashlight, a Vehicle First-Aid Kit, a Traffic Safety Vest, and a Drug Test Kit Bundle.

Equipment Donation: Sheridan Police Department Arkansas

Sheridan Police Department, Arkansas

The USDSA awarded the Sheridan Police Department with Training Gloves, Kick Shields, and Strike Pad Pairs for continued defensive tactics training,

Equipment Donation: Jonesville Police Department Virginia

Jonesville Police Department, Virginia

The USDSA awarded the Jonesville Department with a USDSA Cash Grant. The Jonesville Police Department used the funds from this grant to purchase a Laptop, Spike Strips, a Taser with Holster, Rechargeable Flashlight Batteries, and an AED Battery. 

Equipment Donation: Hayden Police Department Colorado

Hayden Police Department, Colorado

The USDSA awarded the Hayden Police Department with Ballistic Helmets. Pictured are Sergeant Hockaday and Officer Huntington.

Equipment Donation: Dover Police Department Tennessee

Dover Police Department, Tennessee

The USDSA awarded the Dover Police Department with a Ballistic Shield.