Equipment Donations from USDSA to Underfunded Departments

USDSA's services are many and varied. We award equipment, free of charge, to under-funded departments.
Equipment Donation: Savage Police Department Minnesota

Savage Police Department, Minnesota

The USDSA awarded the Savage Police Department with C50 Gas Masks. 

Equipment Donation: Eutaw Police Department Alabama

Eutaw Police Department, Alabama

The USDSA awarded the Eutaw Police Department with Ballistic Body Armors.

Equipment Donation: Brookhaven Police Department Mississippi

Brookhaven Police Department, Mississippi

The USDSA awarded the Brookhaven Police Department with Ballistic Helmets and a Ballistic Shield.

Equipment Donation: Valley County Sheriff's Office Nebraska

Valley County Sheriff's Office, Nebraska

The USDSA awarded the Valley County Sheriff's Office with Ballistic Helmets.

Equipment Donation: St. Mary Police Department Missouri

St. Mary Police Department, Missouri

The USDSA awarded the St. Mary Police Department with a USDSA Cash Grant. The St. Mary Police Department used the funds from this grant to procure a Patrol Vehicle, update Radio Equipment and MDT Terminal Mounting & Equipment. 

Equipment Donation: Redkey Police Department Indiana

Redkey Police Department, Indiana

The USDSA awarded the Redkey Police Department with Ballistic Helmets.

Equipment Donation: Hawk Cove Police Department Texas

Hawk Cove Police Department, Texas

The USDSA awarded the Hawk Cove Police Department with Tactical Flashlights, Vehicle First-Aid Kits, and Emergency Belt Trauma Kits for their officers.

Equipment Donation: LeFlore County Sheriff's Department Oklahoma

LeFlore County Sheriff's Department, Oklahoma

The USDSA awarded the LeFlore County Sheriff's Department with Ballistic Body Armors.

Equipment Donation: Ola Police Department Arkansas

Ola Police Department, Arkansas

The USDSA awarded the Ola Police Department with Ballistic Body Armors and Tactical Flashlights.

Equipment Donation: Perry Police Department South Carolina

Perry Police Department, South Carolina

The USDSA awarded the Perry Police Department with Ballistic Body Armor, a Traffic Safety Vest, a Tactical Flashlight and a Preliminary Breath Tester for combating drunk driving and underage drinking.