Equipment Donations from USDSA to Underfunded Departments

USDSA's services are many and varied. We award equipment, free of charge, to under-funded departments.
Equipment Donation: Clover Police Department

Clover Police Department, South Carolina

The USDSA awarded the Clover Police Department with a Smart Firearms/Laser Ammo Training Package after attending the USDSA Active Shooter Response/Tactical Entry Training Course. 

Pictured are Chief Randy Grice, Captain Logan McGarrity, and training officer John Pannell along with USDSA Instructor Brain Boling.

Equipment Donation: Chattooga County Sheriff's Office Georgia

Chattooga County Sheriff's Office, Georgia

The USDSA awarded the Chattooga County Sheriff's Office with a Ballistic Shield.

Equipment Donation: Sumter County Sheriff's Office Alabama

Sumter County Sheriff's Office, Alabama

The USDSA awarded the Sumter County Sheriff's Office with Ballistic Body Armors. 

Equipment Donation: Rib Lake Police Department Wisconsin

Rib Lake Police Department, Wisconsin

The USDSA awarded the Rib Lake Police Department with a USDSA Cash Grant. The Rib Lake Police Department used the funds from this grant to purchase a Mobile Data Computer, an Entry Tool Kit and a Body Camera. 

Equipment Donation: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Colorado

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, Colorado

The USDSA awarded the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office with a FLIR Scout TK, CAT Tourniquets and Holsters, and Emergency Belt Trauma Kits for their officers.

Equipment Donation: Enigma Police Department Georgia

Enigma Police Department, Georgia

The USDSA awarded the Enigma Police Department with Tactical Flashlights, Vehicle First-Aid Kits, and Road Spike Strips.

Equipment Donation: Newton County Sheriff's Office Arkansas

Newton County Sheriff's Office, Arkansas

The USDSA awarded the Newton County Sheriff's Office with a Ballistic Shield and a Halligan Entry Tool. 

Equipment Donation: Kansas Racing & Gaming Commission Kansas

Kansas Racing & Gaming Commission, Kansas

The USDSA awarded the Kansas Racing & Gaming Commission with Emergency Belt Trauma Kits for their officers.

Equipment Donation: Brookside Police Department Alabama

Brookside Police Department, Alabama

The USDSA awarded the Brookside Police Department with Ballistic Helmets.

Equipment Donation: Creola Police Department Louisiana

Creola Police Department, Louisiana

The USDSA awarded the Creola Police Department with Tactical Flashlights and Road Spike Strips.