Equipment Donations from USDSA to Underfunded Departments

USDSA's services are many and varied. We award equipment, free of charge, to under-funded departments.
Equipment Donation: Howard County Sheriff's Office Central Nebraska SRT Nebraska

Howard County Sheriff's Office / Central Nebraska SRT, Nebraska

The USDSA awarded the Howard County Sheriff's Office / Central Nebraska SRT with a Ballistic Shield and a Tactical Entry Backpack. 

Equipment Donation: Winfield Police Department Missouri

Winfield Police Department, Missouri

The USDSA awarded the Winfield Police Department with Ballistic Body Armors.

Equipment Donation: Mineral Springs Police Department Arkansas

Mineral Springs Police Department, Arkansas

The USDSA awarded the Mineral Springs Police Department with Road Spike Strips.

Equipment Donation: York Police Department Alabama

York Police Department, Alabama

The USDSA awarded the York Police Department with Ballistic Body Armors and Emergency Belt Trauma Kits for their officers.

Equipment Donation: Choctaw Police Department Oklahoma

Choctaw Police Department, Oklahoma

The USDSA awarded the Choctaw Police Department with Preliminary Breath Testers for combating drunk driving and underage drinking.

Equipment Donation: Richlands Police Department Virginia

Richlands Police Department, Virginia

The USDSA awarded the Richlands Police Department with a Ballistic Shield, a FLIR Scout TK and a Preliminary Breath Tester for combating drunk driving and underage drinking.

Equipment Donation: Kinsman Township Police Department Ohio

Kinsman Township Police Department, Ohio

The USDSA awarded the Kinsman Township Police Department with a USDSA Cash Grant. The Kinsman Township Police Department used the funds from this grant to purchase Radios. Pictured is Chief Shawn Rentz.

Equipment Donation: Coldwater Police Department Kansas

Coldwater Police Department, Kansas

The USDSA awarded the Coldwater Police Department with a Vehicle First-Aid Kit, a Tactical Flashlight, a Drug Test Kit Bundle,  and a CAT Tourniquet with Holster.  

Equipment Donation: Cohutta Police Department Georgia

Cohutta Police Department, Georgia

The USDSA awarded the Cohutta Police Department with Weapons Lights and CAT Tourniquets with Holsters.  

Equipment Donation: Williamston Police Department South Carolina

Williamston Police Department, South Carolina

The USDSA awarded the Williamston Police Department with Dynamic Entry Tactical Backpack Kits and Big Sky Vehicle Weapons Mounts.